Are You Tired of Working With Unprepared, Negative, Egotistical Actors Who Won’t Collaborate?

Do you need an actor who’s not only creative, but can take the direction you give and make your project truly remarkable?


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A Tiny Collection of Some of My Work

Dark Reel

 “Broken Future“, “Devils Triangle“, and “How To Catch A Feeling And When To Let It Go“.

Light Reel

“MaxAnimal“, “Words You Never Said“, and “We Decided To Go In A Different Direction Collection“.

I Studied Traditional Theatrical acting at the very respected  “Neighborhood Playhouse School Of the Theatre” In New York City..
Sandford Meisner’s School.
My time there taught me how to Live Truthfully Under the Imaginary Given Circumstances, allowing me to work moment to moment and immerse my entire self into a character. 
When a director calls action he needs to know that the actor he hired can get the job done. He needs an actor to be focused, in the moment, and prepared to fully flesh out the scene, and ready to deliver the performance the director has been looking for.
Thats where I come in.


A Small Sample Of Some Of The Projects I’ve Done


A low-level functionary undergoes a most unpleasant performance review session. This is a stop-motion animation film comprised of over 8,000 still photos taken with the Canon 5D Mark I.

Broken Future

Take a glimpse into the lives of one young family, dealing with military deployment.


The Tasmanian Devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. It has the strongest bite per unit of body mass of any mammalian land predator on Earth. Cool! Check out this MaxAnimal devil.